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Enable Highlighting in PDF Effortlessly – Complete Guide

Anjali Rawat ~ Published: June 22nd, 2023 ~ PDF Management ~ 4 Minutes Reading


If you can’t highlight text in PDF, then this blog post is for you. We have drafted this technical write-up for users who want to highlight text in PDF but can’t due to some errors. Read this blog until the end to get the best solution to enable highlighting in PDF files.

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PDF aka Portable Document File is a widely known document format. It is a platform-independent format i.e. users can access and open it on any platform they require. PDFs come with several features that make them the most preferred format to share information. For instance, the password-protection feature in a PDF file protects it from unauthorized access. Similarly, there are numerous security factors that are applied to PDF files such as “Comment Restrictions”. When this type of security is applied to a PDF file it also restricts the highlight function of the PDF along with that.

So how to enable highlighting in PDF in this scenario? We have the answer in the following segment. Furthermore, we have also explained the steps to highlighting text in PDF using the Adobe Reader DC program.

How to Highlight Text in PDF with Expert Approach?

Users often struggle with Comment Restriction security in a PDF as they are unable to highlight an area of text due to that. And therefore, we have brought a solution recommended by numerous experts. The TaskManagerFix PDF Unlocker removes security like Comment Restrictions from PDF files in a hassle-free manner. It is also capable of unlocking a PDF document for commenting, signing, copying, printing, document assembly, form-filling, page extraction, etc. You can remove all these restrictions effortlessly by using this utility.

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Steps to Use the Tool to Enable Highlighting in PDF

  • Download and install the expert utility on your device.
    install the software on your device
  • Click the “Add Files”/”Add Folder” button to select and load the PDF files.
    click on Add File or Add Folder
  • Choose whether you want to “Save” or “Print” your PDF files and select the radio button for the respective option.
    choose whether to save or print
  • Click “Change” and set a preferred destination location for the resultant files.
    click Change to set a preferred location for PDF files
  • Lastly, click on the “Unlock” button to start the process.
    click Unlock to start the unlocking process

And that is all for the steps you need to follow in order to unlock PDF files and enable highlighting in them. Now that your PDF files are unlocked, you can easily highlight text in PDF using Adobe Reader DC. Here’s how to do that.

Highlight Text in PDF with Adobe Reader DC

As we all know, Adobe Reader is a professional PDF reader program. It comes with numerous features like signing, printing, and commenting on PDF files. In terms of highlighting, it provides users with the “Highlight Text Tool”. This tool helps in highlighting certain areas of text in order to emphasize its importance. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to highlight text in PDF with this tool. Follow the given instructions carefully.

  • Open your unlocked PDF document in Adobe Reader DC.
  • Next, select the Highlight Text Tool.
  • Next, point and click the cursor next to the text you wish to highlight.
  • If you also want to add notes to the highlighted text area then either double-click or right-click on the highlighted text and select the “Open Pop Up Note” option.
  • Upon writing the desired note for the highlighted text, click the “Post” button.
  • At last, Save the PDF file on your system at any preferred location.

And you’re done with highlighting text in a PDF file easily and in a hassle-free manner.

Wrapping Up

This blog on “How to Enable Highlighting in PDF” discussed the expert-recommended solution to accomplish the task. The above-mentioned solution is an incredible option as there is no direct manual approach to accomplishing this task i.e. unlocking a PDF file. Along with that, we also explained how to highlight text in an unlocked PDF file using Adobe Reader DC. We hope you found this write-up helpful and resolved your query.