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How to Remove “Unable to Sign PDF” Restriction? Expert Guide

Anjali Rawat ~ Modified: June 24th, 2023 ~ PDF Management ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Throughout this article, we will guide you on how to solve the “Can’t sign PDF” issue. To mitigate the problem, we will share an expert-recommended solution that will help you in accomplishing the task in a secure and reliable manner. So, read the entire blog to know the correct procedure to apply when you are unable to sign PDF files.

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PDF aka Portable Document Format is a widely used format for sharing and storing information. Due to many features like portability, and compressibility, the PDF file is the most preferred choice of users for sharing data among each other. Not just that, but a PDF file also comes with features like password protection. You can use so to protect your files from unauthorized access. Furthermore, one can also put certain restrictions on PDF files such as restricting copying, printing, editing, signing, and page extraction.

However, there are times you may want to remove the “unable to sign PDF” restrictions from PDF files. To do that, you can follow the provided approaches in this article. First and foremost, let’s see the steps to follow when a PDF is asking for a digital ID, and then proceed to the solutions to op when you can’t sign PDF.

  • Launch the Adobe Reader application.
  • Select Edit > Preferences > On Identities and Trust Certificates. Click on More.
  • Next, click on Windows Digital IDs on the left side to ensure there’s nothing there.
  • Then, click on Add ID > Import an existing digital ID > click Next.
  • Click Browse and you can see your current digital ID.
  • Lastly, just enter the document open password.

Now that you are done with this, let us proceed to the expert’s way of enabling digital signing in PDF files and eradicating the “unable to sign PDF” issue.

Expert Solution for When You Can’t Sign PDF Files

TaskManagerFix PDF Unlocker is the ultimate solution to enable signing restrictions in PDF files. This splendid utility is power-packed with several advantageous features that help users remove signing restrictions and enable for-filling in their files. This utility is fully capable of removing encryptions from PDF files as well. Along with signing, this utility removes other restrictions from PDF files as well, for instance, copying, editing, printing, and extracting pages. Ultimately, it efficiently resolves the “unable to sign PDF” issue.

In order to remove all these restrictions, one must make sure that they have the document open password of the PDF file that they want to digitally sign (if the PDF has a password). Furthermore, with this tool, you can also remove the document open password from a PDF file with this tool.

Steps to Use the Utility to Remove the “Unable to Sign PDF” Restriction

  • Launch and run the software on your Windows or Mac OS device.
    launch the tool
  • Click on Add File or Add Folder to add the PDF files you want to sign.
    choose add file or add folder
  • Select from the Save or Print option as per your requirements.
    select either save or print option
  • Then, click on the Change button to set a preferred destination for the resultant files.
    click the change button
  • Lastly, click on the Unlock button to enable digital signing in PDF.
    click the unlock button
  • Upon doing so, the software will show you the completion message of unlocked PDFs.
    software will show you the completion prompt

And that is all for the quick and hassle-free steps to resolve the “can’t sign PDF” issue and unlock the PDF files using this expert-recommended utility. Moreover, there are several benefits to using this tool; let us know what they are.

Advantages of Using the Software

  • Along with signing, this tool also removes PDF restrictions for actions like printing, editing, page extraction, etc.
  • The Add Folder mode allows users to add and unlock multiple PDF files in bulk.
  • It proficiently removes “unable to sign PDF” restrictions and enables form-filling in PDF files.
  • One does not need to use Adobe Acrobat in order to use this software.
  • The tool provides users the option to save or print their resultant unlocked PDfs.
  • This utility is fully compatible with all versions of the Windows OS.

So There You Have It

In this article on “Unable to Sign PDF”, we discussed how you can enable signing PDF files. We brought you an expert-favorite utility that is 100% proficient in accomplishing the task, and that too, in a safe and secure manner. We hope you found this article useful and insightful. If so, do share the solution with other users who also can’t sign PDF files.