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How to Enable Print Option in PDF Files? Top 3 Solutions

Anjali Rawat ~ Modified: July 12th, 2023 ~ PDF Management ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to print out the contents of an important PDF but the PDF was locked? That is because some PDFs come with a disabled print option. So, how does one tackle this issue? Well, for that, we have brought you various solutions that you can use to enable print option in PDF.

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PDF aka Portable Document Format is a widely known file format. It is highly famous due to being platform-independent i.e. users can open and access a PDF file on any platform. Along with that, PDF offers users facilities like password protection. Consequently, users use this facility to protect their confidential PDFs with passwords. Doing so, they can also make the print option disabled in PDFs. Sometimes, we need to print the contents of PDF files but the PDF print turns out to be disabled. Therefore, to tackle this issue, we have brought three different solutions for you to enable print option in PDF. So, without wasting any further time, let us dive straight into the methods.

Unlock PDF For Printing Using Adobe Acrobat

For the first approach, we are going to use Adobe Acrobat DC Pro. Make sure that you use the Pro version of this application as any version is not helpful in accomplishing this task Furthermore, you must know the password to open the PDF file to proceed with this method. If you know the password to open the PDF file, then you can easily proceed further with this method to unlock PDF for printing. Here’s how to execute it.

  • Open the print-disabled PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  • Click the “Padlock” icon on the left panel and click on “Permission Details” to make the “Document Properties Window” appear.
  • Next, click on the Change Settings button. Afterward, enter the Permissions Password in the required field.
  • Upon doing so, you can easily change the permission settings of the PDF file.

How to Unlock Print Option in PDF File Online Without the Document Open Password

For the second approach, we have brought the method you can use in case you do not know the document open password. The free online tool, iLovePDF lets you carry out numerous operations on a PDF file. With this, you can convert your PDF files to other formats, split them, merge them, and even unlock PDF files. Here is how to execute this method to unlock PDF for printing.

  • Go to the official website of iLovePDF.
  • Scroll down the homepage of the website until you find the Unlock PDF option.
  • Use this option to unlock PDF file, and ultimately enable printing.
  • Next, click on the Select PDF Files button. You can upload PDF files from your computer or you can directly drop your PDF files on the website. This tool gives you the option to upload PDFs from Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Upon uploading the files, click on the Unlock PDF button to start the process. Afterward, select the file and click OK.
  • After the process is finished, you can manually download the PDF file or it will download automatically.

This method is simple, however, comes with a set of disadvantages:

  • Being an online method, a user cannot proceed with this approach without an internet connection.
  • Moreover, there is always a possibility of user data getting hacked as this is an online method with no concrete safety protocols.
  • Although the website claims to not store user PDF files, it does and that creates an element of risk in using this procedure.
  • This gets even riskier when a user is trying to unlock a PDF file containing confidential and sensitive data.

So what can a user do to overcome these hindrances? Check out the next segment for the expert-suggested answer.

How to Enable Print Option in PDF Using a Professional Utility?

Do the above-mentioned methods not seem feasible and reliable to you? Don’t worry, we have also brought you a utility recommended by technical experts: TaskManagerFix PDF Unlocker. It is not only reliable but also efficient due to the multiple advantages it provides to users. The major advantage of using this utility is that it supports unlocking PDF files in bulk which saves a lot of time and effort for users. Moreover, this software is compatible with all Windows OS versions.

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Steps to Unlock the Print Option Disabled in PDF

  • Install and launch the above-recommended software on your desktop.
    launch the PDF unlocker on your device
  • Click Add File(s) / Add Folder to load your PDF files to the software.
    click on Add File(s) / Add Folder
  • Choose either Save or Print according to your requirements.
    click on the print option
  • At last, click on the Unlock button to start the process.
    lastly, click on the Unlock button

And that is all for the steps to use this software to enable print option in PDF.

Wrapping Up

This blog on “How to Enable Print Option in PDF” discussed various methods that you can use to unlock PDF for printing. We shared three different methods out of which you can go for whichever best suits your requirements. However, the first two methods come with certain limitations that make them an undesirable choice for users. Hence, technical experts suggest going for the recommended utility for smoother and more reliable results.