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How to Convert PST to PDF? Complete Guide to Conversion

Anjali Rawat ~ Published: July 17th, 2023 ~ Data Conversion ~ 7 Minutes Reading

If you are looking for ways on how to convert PST to PDF format then this is the post for you. Throughout this technical write-up, we will guide you on approaching the task the right way. Today, we have brought various solutions from all over the internet to accomplish the task. Select any method which resonates with your requirements.

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Why is it Better to Convert to PDF Format?

There are multiple reasons why it is a great choice to convert your PST files into PDF format. We have stated the most common ones here.

  • PDF is a platform-independent format i.e. one can open and access a PDF file on any platform without any restrictions. PST, on the other hand, requires Outlook to open.
  • As the name suggests, the Portable Document Format (PDF) is deemed the best for sharing data among users in a compact form.
  • PST is a proprietary format of MS Outlook and can only be accessed on that, whereas PDF is compatible with a wide range of platforms.
  • PDF files also come with a password-protection feature that protects especially PDF files containing confidential information while sharing with other users.

How to Convert PST to PDF?

From the depths of the internet, here, we have brought you the top three solutions that you can opt for in order to convert your PST files into PDF format.

  • Convert PST to PDF with Adobe Acrobat
  • Use Microsoft Print to PDF for converting PST to PDF
  • Use a Professionally recommended utility

Now let us move on and see the steps to execute all these methods in detail.

Using Adobe Acrobat to Convert PST File to PDF

Adobe Acrobat is one of the best options to convert your PST files to PDF. It offers users a plugin that helps users automatically save Outlook emails as PDFs. Here’s how to execute the method using this program.

  • Run MS Outlook and click the Adobe PDF tab.
  • Click and highlight the email your want to convert to PDF.
  • Next, click “Selected Messages”.
  • Then, click on “Create New PDF” from the drop-down menu.
  • A Saving Tab will appear, set the desired path and click “Save”.
Note: Every user may not be able to afford Adobe Acrobat as it is quite expensive in cost.

Microsoft Print to PDF to Convert PST to PDF

It is not news that the Microsoft Print to PDF option is the most used technique for saving PST emails in PDF format. You can use this method on any version of Outlook, for instance, Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, etc. Here’s how to execute it.

  • Open and launch MS Outlook.
  • Next, choose which email you want to convert.
  • Click “File” and select the “Print” button.
  • Then, click on “Printer” and from the drop-down menu, select the “Microsoft Print to PDF” option.
  • At last, click “Print” and set a destination to save the resultant files.
Note: You must have MS Outlook installed on your system beforehand in order to use this method.

Now as you can see, both of these shared methods have some sort of limitation. For instance, Adobe Acrobat’s expensive cost is a hindrance for many users who are looking for a free or easy-on-the-pocket solution. On the other hand, both methods are dependent on whether a user has Outlook installed on their system or not. So, is there any other alternative to accomplishing this task but in a secure and restriction-free way? Yes, there is. The third solution aka the professional utility is the option to overcome the gaps formed by the manual methods. So, let us move to the next segment and understand the solution in detail.

How to Convert PST File to PDF with Expert Solution?

Converting data from one format to another is an overwhelming process. One must ensure extreme caution while performing the conversion. If incapable, then it could lead to data corruption or worse, data loss. Thus, we have brought you a utility that is an expert favorite. The TaskManagerFix PST Converter is a tool equipped with all the best features that make it the best among the other options on the internet. This utility is loaded with advanced filters that help users in executing the entire process in a smooth and hassle-free manner. Moreover, it is fully supported by all versions of the Windows OS, whether the latest or older.

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Steps to Use the Utility

  • Download and launch the expert-suggested utility on your Windows computer.
    install the expert tool on your computer
  • On the top left corner, Click “Add File” to load PST files.
    click Add File to load your PST files
  • Preview your PST files data in the dedicated preview panel of the tool with eight different modes.
    preview your PST file data
  • Select the PDF format from the export options and use the Advanced Settings & Filters as per your requirements.
    select the PDF format to export
  • Browse and set a preferred location for the resultant PDF files.
    browse and set a preferred location for resultant files
  • Lastly, click on the Export button to convert your PST files into PDF format.
    click Export to convert PST to PDF

And that is all for the simple and user-friendly steps to execute the procedure using the tool. Follow the given steps smooth PST to PDF conversion process. Furthermore, let us get a quick glance at the various advantages and benefits that users get by choosing a professionally-recommended utility.

Advantages of Using the Professional Solution

There are countless benefits that come with using an expert utility. We have stated the most common ones here.

  • Batch Conversion: Using professional software, you get the freedom to effortlessly batch convert PST to PDF format without any issues. It gives you the option to directly add an entire folder and convert it into PDF or any other popular format.
  • Convert PST to PDF with Attachments: With the professional tool, you can easily convert your PST files along with their respective attachments. Due to this feature, users face no problem in converting PST to PDF with attachments.
  • Dedicated Preview Panel: The expert utility comes with a dedicated preview panel which you can utilize for previewing your PST file data before conversion. It consists of eight different modes that help in analyzing different attributes of PST data.
  • Selective Conversion: The professional tool offers a selective conversion feature for users as well. The Date Range filter helps to convert PST to PDF falling under a specific time period.
  • No Outlook Installation Needed: You do not need to install MS Outlook or any other application beforehand, in order to use the software. It is independent of any other program installation for functioning.
  • Interactive GUI: The simple and interactive user interface of this tool is well appreciated by all categories of users, especially users with little to no technical insights. Even complete beginner users can use this utility easily.
  • Compatible with Windows OS: This incredible utility is fully supported by all versions of the Windows OS. So, unlike the manual procedures, you can install and run this utility on any Windows system to convert PST to PDF without any problems at all.

So There You Have It

This article on “Convert PST to PDF” discussed the various solutions one can opt for to convert their PST files into PDF format. We brought you the top-rated methods from the internet. However, the shared manual procedures come with certain restrictions that make the methods incapable of performing well for users. Therefore, technical experts recommend that users opt for the above-mentioned professional tool in order to ensure a smooth-sailing and hassle-free PST to PDF conversion process.