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How to Convert EML to PDF? Top 2 Ways

Siddharth ~ Published: May 16th, 2023 ~ Data Conversion ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Looking for solutions to convert EML to PDF? Look no further, you are at the right post. We have drafted this technical write-up to guide you through the process of converting your EML files into PDF format. Here, we will share a manual solution as well as an automated approach to handle the task. So, keep reading and find out which method suits your needs the best.

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EML or Electronic Mail Format is a file format supported by numerous email clients. Since EML files are partially saved in text format, one can use plain text editors like Microsft Notepad and Apple TextEdit to open an EML file. However, these programs display the EML file data in HTML format rather than like an email message. Correspondingly, the best way to open an EML file is to use an EML-compatible platform or convert it into another format that can be opened on more platforms. And this is where PDF comes in.

PDF or Portable Document Format is a widely famous document format across the globe. It is a platform-independent format which is why almost every user prefers it for sharing and storing data. Not just that but PDF files come with numerous features such as password-protection and comment restriction. These features help in avoiding unauthorized access to user PDFs, especially confidential ones. And these are the features that attract users towards converting their data into PDF format. So, how does one accomplish converting a .eml file into PDF format? Well, for that, we have come up with two solutions today, one manual and the other automated. Check out the following segments to know more about the methods in detail.

Manually Convert EML File to PDF with Outlook

Here is a quick tutorial to convert your EML files into PDF format using a manual approach.

  • Open your EML file in MS Outlook
  • Click on “File” and then select “Print”
  • In the Printer section, select “Microsoft Print to PDF Option”.
  • Click on “Print”. Then, provide a desired name to your resultant PDF file, select a location to save the file, and at last, click “Save”.

So, this was the manual approach to converting your EML files into PDF format using the Microsoft Office email client. However, this method is exclusive to a category of users, hence, has limitations.

Drawbacks of the Manual Approach

  • You can only convert one EML file to PDF at a time which makes this process extremely time-taking when users have to convert multiple files.
  • This method is entirely dependent on MS Outlook. Therefore, other users cannot access this method unless they install the application first.
  • This method can only be used by Windows 10 users. Consequently, users with previous and older versions of the Windows Operating System are excluded from this method.

All these limitations make this method undesirable to users. So, is there a solution that caters to users of all categories? Yes, check out the following segment for the expert solution.

Expert Approach to Convert EML to PDF

For the professional approach, we have brought none other than the expert favorite TaskManagerFix EML Converter. This splendid utility is proficient in converting user EML files into PDF format in a secure manner. Moreover, it is loaded with a myriad of incredible features and filters that add to its overall functionality and put it ahead of other solutions on the internet. This tool is adept in handling and converting user EML files to PDF format in bulk mode as well. Moreover, it is supported by all latest and older versions of the Windows OS.

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Steps to Use the Utility

  • Download and run the above-mentioned software on your Windows device.
    run the recommended EML converter on your system
  • Select the EML file folder from the left panel of the software interface.
    select the EML files from the left panel
  • Preview your EML file data and its attributes in eight different modes.
    preview EML files in eight modes
  • Click Export and select the PDF format.
    choose the PDF format to export
  • Browse a preferred location to save the resultant files and click Export.
    select a location for resultant files and click Export

And that is all for the steps to convert EML to PDF format in an efficient and secure way.

Advantages of Using the Utility

  • Bulk EML Conversion: The above-mentioned utility supports converting multiple EML files in one go, without any issues. This bulk conversion of EML files tremendously helps users in saving their crucial time.
  • Preserves Meta Properties: This utility ensures that the meta properties of your EML files stay intact and unaltered during conversion. It effectively preserves and maintains the EML message header throughout the process.
  • Selective EML Conversion: This software offers users to selectively convert EML to PDF as well. It provides users with many filters such as the Date Range Filter to accomplish that. It helps users in converting selective EML files falling under a specific time period.
  • Dedicated Preview Panel: The tool provides an immaculate preview panel for users to view their EML file data before converting them. With the panel comes eight different modes that preview different attributes of the data. The said modes are Normal Mail View, Hex, Properties, Message Header, RTF, HTML, and Attachments.


This blog on Convert EML to PDF Format described different ways you can use to save your EML file in PDF format. We shared both manual as well as automated solutions. You can use whichever fits your requirements better. However, the manual approach is limited to Windows 10 and MS Office users only. Therefore, technical professionals suggest users go for the above-mentioned expert solution for better and more reliable results.