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How to Convert MSG to PDF? Expert Guide to Smooth Conversion

Siddharth ~ Published: May 18th, 2023 ~ Data Conversion ~ 8 Minutes Reading

If you are struggling with converting MSG file into PDF format, look no further. We have drafted this technical write-up for you to convert MSG to PDF format in a smooth and hassle-free manner. In this article, we will focus on the fundamental differences between the two formats and explain various ways that you can choose to convert your MSG files effortlessly. You can opt for either of the shared methods and find out which method suits you the best.

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MSG & PDF – Both Store Text, How Are They Different?

As we are aware, MSG and PDF are two of the most popular file formats. They both store information in text format, so how does one differ from the other? Well, it’s not news that all file and document formats have fundamental differences that set them apart from each other.

Both MSG and PDF are the file formats used for storing text, but they have different purposes and characteristics. Here’s how they differ:

On Basis Of MSG PDF
Purpose Used By MS Outlook to store email messages Design to share documents & universally compatible
Text Representation Represents an email message, including body, sender, recipients Represents the content of a document, including text, images, etc.
Structure Follow Microsoft Internal Structure Customize Document Structure
Compatible / Easy to Share Works only with MS Outlook Can be Opened on any browser

Also, converting MSG files to PDF can be beneficial for users due to various reasons, since PDF files are print-ready and portable formats. Additionally, to meet legal compliance requirements, you must convert the data into PDF format. Well, whatever the reason, let’s see the procedure to perform this task.

How to Convert MSG to PDF?

There are numerous methods to approach this task. Therefore, to save you from overwhelming research, we have brought you top-rated solutions from the depths of the internet. Convert MSG file to PDF format

  • Using Outlook’s Print to PDF option
  • Using Outlook and MS Word together
  • With Online Converters from the internet
  • Using a Professional Solution.

So, these are the top-rated solutions from the internet. Let us explain and understand each method one by one in the following segments.

1.  Use Outlook’s Print to PDF [for Windows 10 Users]

To use this solution. Simply Run the application > click on “File” in the menu bar > click “Print” > and finally choose “Microsoft Print to PDF”. And that is all you have to do to convert MSG file to PDF format with this manual solution.

Note: You can only use this method if you use the Windows 10 version. If you do not, then check out the following solution.

2.  Use Outlook and MS Word [for non-Windows 10 Users]

To follow this method, simply double-click on your MSG file and open it in Outlook > click “File” and choose “Save As” > then, select the “HTML” option. Upon doing so, open your newly created HTML file in MS Word and proceed to save it in PDF format. To do that, click “File” > “Save As” > “PDF”. And that is all for the manual workaround method for non-Windows 10 users.

Note: You must have MS Outlook and MS Word installed on your system to use this method.

3.  Use Online Converters for Converting MSG to PDF

The third solution is using an online converter. You can simply head to your web browser and search for MSG to PDF converters. You can then proceed to convert your MSG files to PDF in any of the converter results according to your preference.

Why are These Above Methods Not Feasible for Users?

As you may have guessed yourself, the above-mentioned methods have one or the other limitation holding them back. It restricts them from providing users with a smooth and secure conversion process. Let us know what they are.

  • The manual methods are Outlook-dependent i.e. one has to install MS Outlook beforehand in order to proceed with the methods.
  • Along with being dependent on another installation, the first manual method is only applicable to Windows 10 users. Any other version users cannot use the said method.
  • Even if they claim not doing it, the online converters do store the data you upload on them i.e. your MSG file data in this case.
  • The online converters on the internet do not give you the guarantees to preserve the metadata of your MSG files.

All these limitations hinder the above-mentioned solutions from becoming favorable option for users.

How to Convert MSG to PDF with Expert Solution?

Converting data from one format to another is a process that must be performed with extreme caution. If not, then it could lead to data corruption or worse data loss. Thus, we have brought you a utility that is an expert favorite. The TaskManagerFix MSG Converter is a tool equipped with all the best features that give it an upper hand over the other options on the internet. This utility is loaded with advance filters that help users in executing the entire process in a smooth and hassle-free manner. Moreover, it is fully supported by all versions of the Windows OS, whether the latest or older.

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Steps to Convert MSG to PDF using the Utility

  • Download and run the expert utility on your Windows system.
    install the MSG to PDF converter on your Windows device
  • From the left panel of the software, check the box for the folder containing MSG files.
    add your MSG files from the left folder
  • Preview your MSG files data in eight different modes in the dedicated panel of the tool.
    preview your MSG files in eight different modes
  • Select the PDF format from the provided export options.
    select the PDF File format
  • Utilize the provided Advanced Settings and Filters according to your preferences.
    use the provided settings and filters
  • Browse and set a preferred location for the resultant PDF files.
    browse and set a preferred location for resultant pdf files
  • At last, Click the Export button to successfully convert your MSG files into PDF format.
    lastly, click on export to convert MSG to PDF

And you are done with the simple and user-friendly steps to carry out the procedure using the tool. Follow the steps carefully to ensure a hassle-free conversion process. Moreover, let us quickly take a look at the multiple advantages and benefits that come with opting for a professionally-recommended utility.

Advantages of Using the Professional Solution

There are numerous benefits that come with using an automated utility. We have mentioned the most common ones here.

  • Batch Conversion: Using professional software, you get the freedom to effortlessly batch convert MSG to PDF format without any issues. It gives you the option to directly upload an entire folder and convert it into PDF or any other desired format.
  • Convert with Attachments: With the professional utility, you can be sure that it converts your MSG files along with their respective attachments. Therefore, users face no problem in converting MSG to PDF with attachments.
  • Dedicated Preview Panel: The expert utility comes with a dedicated preview panel which you can utilize for previewing your MSG file data before conversion. It consists of eight different modes that help in analyzing different attributes of MSG data.
  • Independent from Outlook Installation: In order to use the software, you do not need to install MS Outlook or any other application beforehand. It is not dependent on any other program installation for functioning.
  • Selective Conversion: Along with batch conversion, the professional tool also offers a selective conversion feature for users. One can easily use the Date Range filter to convert MSG to PDF under a specific time period.
  • Interactive GUI: The rich and interactive user interface of this tool is well appreciated by all categories of users. It especially helps users with little to no technical insights. Even novice users can use this utility smoothly.
  • Compatible with Windows OS: This incredible utility is highly compatible with all versions of the Windows OS. So, regardless of which Windows version you use, you can install and run this utility to convert MSG to PDF without any problems at all.

Wrapping It Up

This article on “Convert MSG to PDF” discussed the various solutions one can opt for to convert their MSG files into PDF format. We shared the top-rated solutions from the internet. However, manual procedures come with a certain set of drawbacks that make the methods unfeasible in performing well for users. Hence, technical professionals recommend that users go for the above-mentioned expert utility in order to ensure a smooth-sailing MSG to PDF conversion process.