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Gmail to Hard Drive Backup Software

Know How to Save Emails from Gmail to Local Storage Drive

  • Gmail Messages Backup to EML, PST, MBOX and MSG formats
  • Save Gmail Contacts as vCard (.vcf ) File format
  • Backup Gmail Calendars as ICS File Format
  • Save Gmail Documents In On Local Storage Drive
  • MS Outlook should be installed for Gmail to PST backup

Why Need to Save Emails from Gmail to Local Storage Drive

It was reported that last month few unfortunate Gmail users encountered a disastrous mishap as all their Gmail accounts were uprooted. The count was of 0.02 percent of total 200 million Gmail users which sums up to approx 42,020 users. It occurred due to an "unexpected bug" which affected and badly damaged copies of the users' vital data. This is not the first time it has happened, Gmail users have witnessed such kind of calamity before when a sudden Outage destroyed Gmail data.

Al though Gmail creates backup data of everything and every user, so at the end of the day all of them will regain their email data. In fact recently Google restored all the lost data and other information from their backup storage tapes and has retrieved everyone's data. But do you think you should completely rely on them? What if the backup tapes itself get destroyed? What if you are amongst those unfortunate people and you are not fortunate enough to get back your Gmail data?

How to Backup Emails from Gmail to Local Storage Drive?

We have a solution named as Gmail backup software that helps in downloading/saving emails from Gmail to any local storage drive like USB drive, hard disk drive, flash drive, memory stick, etc in your desktop/laptop computer system. The software gives a set up to backup Gmail items like emails, contacts, document & calendars on local machine.

Extremely simple to use, the software ensures that security factor is maintained while the backup has to be created. Thus, before starting up the process, the tool asks for the Username & Password so as to ensure that the account exists and if the backup is created, it is with permission of the administrator.

Key Features: Tool to Make Gmail Account Backup

  • Email Backup: The software to save emails from Gmail to local storage drive as four different formats like EML/MBOX/MSG/PST file format.
  • Email Filter: To ensure that emails of a defined time period are backed up, users can provide a range of the time for which they want the email data is to be backed up.
  • Email Deletion from Server: Once the backup of emails is created on hard disk, the software gives the option to permanently delete them from Server. This can be helpful in context to security concern and will make free space for new mails.
  • For making the backup of address book, there is no versatile and secure way than vCard. When the software converts Gmail contacts to VCF file, it ensures that all the field information remains intact.
  • ICS is a computer file that enables users to share calendars, meetings, requests through internet media that supports readability of iCalendar (ICS). Applications that support ICS file include Lotus Notes, Thunderbird, Sea Monkey, Yahoo! Calendar etc.
  • The shared documents be it of Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc can be backed up from Gmail to local storage drive. The software saves all the documents in their latest edition supported file formats on the local machine.

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What Our Clients Say's About the Tool

The software is provided with its free edition that allows getting familiar with it. With the help of features exhibiting version of the tool, a limited of 100 email items & 25 other items (contacts, calendar & document) can be backed up. I really impressed with this one click Gmail backup tool.

- Derek Picor, Italy

Recently I used this application to save emails from Gmail to local storage drive in a desktop computer system and found it very helpful. The tool has a lot functions to download emails into most common formats: PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, contacts to VCF and calendars to ICS formats.

- Ronald Barket, Canada