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Fix Error 0xe000fe36 that is Evoked During the Veritas Backup Process – Complete Method

Siddharth ~ Published: May 9th, 2023 ~ BKF Files ~ 5 Minutes Reading

The primary focus of this blog post is on diagnosing an error 0xe000fe36 that might occur during the Veritas Backup Process.

You must be aware of or familiar with the Veritas backup solution if you are reading this blog. We will briefly describe the Veritas backup solution so that you may comprehend it.

What is Veritas Backup Process Failure?

By maintaining a backup of our crucial data in the form of BKF files, we aim to keep our data secure. However, data can become corrupted, so there is no assurance that the information we store will always be free from corruption.

There is a necessity and need for a utility that can run the backup procedure in order to protect our vital data. One of the tools that offer straightforward, comprehensive backup as well as recovery protection is Veritas. Most frequently, a backup procedure failure with the error number “0xe000fe36” has been experienced by numerous Windows users. The BKF backup process is stopped by this mistake, which also corrupts all of the backup process’s data files. You must be wondering a lot about the causes of this Neutralise Error 0xe000fe36 that occurs during the Veritas Backup Process.

Why do Users Suffer from Error 0xe000fe36? Let’s Find it.

  • An additional backup procedure that operates in opposition to the Veritas backup process occurs after the antivirus software has examined the file during the backup process.
  • When backing up with BKF, In the event that the backup log files are missing from the specified place.
  • Whenever a file’s size exceeds the API’s limit, the backup process is hampered.
  • Paged pool memory develops when a large number of files are accessed simultaneously and the cache manager is unable to handle it.
  • When backup log files are not accessible, Veritas is unable to conduct a complete backup and marks the corrupt file in the tap.

#1: Manual Techniques to Solve Veritas Backup Error

The items that cause the Error 0xe000fe36 corrupt data encountered backup exec” to occur during the backup process may be verified with the use of Windows Event Viewer. This assists you in identifying any file difficulties, application issues, third-party issues, or selection list issues that could be present.

Activates the Backup Exec Advanced Open File Option (AOFO), which can identify and fix open file errors. Completing the backup of files that are opened throughout various application operations might also be helpful.

  1. Start/Launch Veritas’ backup software.
  2. After that, go to Search Tools, pick Options, and then click Advanced Open File Option.
  3. Select “Automatically Select Open file technology” after choosing the AOFO option.
  4. In the event that the identical setting is already chosen, change the option to “System – Use Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider” under “Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (Windows 2003 and later)”.

#2: Manual Techniques to Fix This Type of Veritas Backup Error

  1. Make a new set of options for the backup procedure first.
  2. Open Window Task Manager next to improve the backup priority.
  3. Defragment the data’s hard disc at this point.
  4. Open the partition that includes those data’s CHKDSK procedure next.
  5. Installing the MS NtBackup software will enable you to use the backup system.
  6. To address the requests made by other users, make sure that the Pool Usage Maximum and Paged Pool Size are configured.

Limitations of First & Second Manual Techniques

  • It is not an easy process for a user who lacks prior technical knowledge.
  • The method is time-consuming.
  • Does not guarantee total data recovery.

Automatic Techniques to Fix Error 0xe000fe36 that is Evoked During the Veritas Backup Process

If you want a simple, fast, and best outcome, you must utilize Professional Software products. This may be accomplished using an automated tool, such as the TaskManagerFix BKF Repair tool. It is one of the greatest tools for dealing with the error 0xe000fe36 that occurs during the Veritas backup process.

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How to Use This Professional Software to Solve Veritas Backup Error

  1. Download the export-recommended solution and install it on the Windows platform
    download software
  2. After that browse the veritas backup file by clicking the Open button
    browse backup files to fix error 0xe000fe36
  3. Now, select any scanning modes as per veritas backup file corruption
    scanning modes
  4. Thereafter, preview the veritas backup file data on the Software panel and then click the Extract button
  5. Finally, select any destination path for resultant data as per your requirements and then press the Extract option
    now fixed the error 0xe000fe36


This post will explain how to resolve the error 0xe000fe36 that arises during the Veritas Backup process. We have provided three solutions to this issue; now you can choose any of them based on your preferences. If you trust us, you should only use professional software since it is also suggested by specialists because there is no guarantee that after using it, your data will be retrieved or fully deleted. If you have any difficulties throughout this procedure, you may contact our support team at any moment.