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How to Access Inaccessible Windows Backup Files? Complete Information

Siddharth ~ Published: May 9th, 2023 ~ BKF Files ~ 4 Minutes Reading

What should you do if you cannot access the Windows Backup BKF file but still need the data from the Windows Backup file? Today’s topic will be how to access inaccessible Windows backup files in a similar circumstance. So that you may utilize the information in your damaged Windows Backup BKF file on any Windows machine and email it to anybody in its original format.

Well, if you don’t have a precise answer, addressing inaccessible BKF files is not such a simple operation. Considering that there are several options on the market, you should also choose which one is ideal for you. The firm solution you pick must be able to thoroughly correct any kind of fault in your Windows backup file. This decision is now entirely up to you.

What Causes Windows Backup to be Inaccessible?

Windows backup files can become inaccessible for a variety of causes, some of which are given below:

  • You may take a backup of your data using any free utility; if any data is missing from the software’s backend files, an error known as CRC appears.
  • There is a good possibility that your backup file might become inaccessible if you stored it on a hard disc that has already experienced corruption.
  • Virus infection is the cause of corrupt backup files most frequently. The entire backup file can get corrupted if even just one of the files you are backing up is infected.
  • Your machine may have shut down or stopped functioning while you were backing up your data, and even then, your Windows backup file became damaged.

Best Way to Access Inaccessible Windows Backup Files

You should choose the best option to access inaccessible Windows backup files, as we already indicated in the introduction above. TaskManagerFix BKF Repair Software is the recommended option, according to professionals, if you want to know what they think. By entirely recovering your corrupted and inaccessible BKF file, this application enables you to use the backup file’s data in its original format without any issues.

You may repair any Windows backup file problem and retrieve its data with the aid of this application. Because the specialists created the GUI of this application with the non-technical user in mind as well, any user may use it very easily. This software is also extremely simple to use.

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How to Use Professional Software to Solve Inaccessible BKF File Errors

  1. Install this application on your Windows platform machine first, then Open it.
    download software
  2. Browse the Windows backup file in the software’s control panel by clicking the Open button in the menu bar.
    browse bkf files
  3. Next, choose the scanning options to check the Windows backup file for corruption.
    scanning modes
  4. Then, click the Extract option after viewing the contents in your Windows backup file on the application’s controls panel.
  5. Finally, click the Extract button after choosing the desired destination path for the output data.
    access inaccessible Windows backup files

Data from your previously inaccessible Windows backup files are now available for use wherever it is needed.


You have learned how to access inaccessible Windows backup files and restore their contents from this post. Due to the fact that this software is quite sophisticated and capable of totally fixing any sort of corruption, we have informed you about a remedy for this that is also suggested by specialists. You can easily retrieve all of your data if you utilize the suggested approach. You may ask our support staff for assistance by clicking the live chat link if you still have any questions.