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Advanced Windows Recovery Tool

Specialized Solution to Recover Hard Drive Data on Windows

  • Recover Data from Formatted Partitions of Windows Operating System
  • Restore Permanently Deleted File (s) and Folder (s) from the Hard Drive
  • Get Data Back from Windows XP, 7, 8, and 8.1 Successfully with the Tool
  • Facility to Recover Data from Storage Devices that are FAT/NTFS Formatted
  • Windows HDD Data Recovery for any Type of File or in any State

Recover Corrupted HDD and Get Data Back from Windows

No matter how hard you try, sometimes data loss is inevitable. Some of the common reasons that result in data loss on Windows is formatting, deletion, or partition inaccessibility. To safeguard the mission-critical database saved on hard disk, it is better to deploy a Windows recovery tool that extracts data on machine with absolute efficiency. Hard Drive Data Recovery software is integrated with all the qualities that are required for successful restoration of files and folders on a Windows machine, formatted with FAT or NTFS file system.

Supported Windows Editions Are:

  • Windows XP: This is the most popular Operating System that is a part of Windows NT series which was released for use in the year 2001. In spite of the fact that its lifecycle has ended (on 8 April 2014), this OS is still in use. Although it has number of advantages including simplicity, better compatibility, reliability etc., it is criticized for being vulnerable to virus and malware attacks.
  • Windows Server 2003: This version of Windows Server Operating System embarked its presence in market in the year 2003 with a new Operational kernel. It included facility of better security, an AD system, integrated compatibility of Windows XP, improved security, distributed file system and much more. For using this platforms, users have to spend a high cost for hardware, supports, and require regular security patches.
  • Windows Vista: This version of Windows OS was released for use in the year 2007. Although it introduced an all new interface with improvements in various built-in applications, it was least liked by users due to bugs and a number of security issues. High RAM requirement, restrictive licensing was one of the reasons why Win Vista could not make space into PCs for a long time.
  • Windows 7: It came, blew users mind, and is still one of the preferred Operating System after Windows XP. Microsoft launched this OS in the year 2009 after much criticism received for Vista and it was accepted and appreciated by users worldwide. Interface, online protection, support to FAT/NTFS file system, better in-built facilities made this OS a choice for home and professional users.
  • Windows Server 2008: Released in the year 2008, this server OS edition brought option for virtualization with Hyper-V, introduction of IIS7, role based installation, Read-Only domain controllers are some of the captivating points about Server 2008 edition. Along with this, there were more PowerShell commands to, improved network protection that made it a favorite Win Server edition till date.
  • Windows 8/8.1: Released in the year 2012, Windows 8 impressed the users with its all new touch screen interface which finally helped Microsoft to compete with the mobile world of Android and iOS. Although the interface and the features were captivating, the absence of Start button and applications on desktop caused inconvenience to the users. Although it gave a new experience to the users but Windows 8 gave a hard time learning to operate the OS. Windows 8.1 is the upgrade to Win 8 which received positive response than Win 8 for improved functionality.

The HDD recovery software offers the advantage to restore data on all Windows OS with facility to retrieve deleted Windows files and solution for how to recover data from formatted Windows partition. To test the software quality, its free demo version is available free of cost that will recover data after any disastrous scenario like formatting, inaccessibility, or permanently deletion.

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Hard Drive Data Recovery


49 US Dollar


A fully windows based software works on Windows 8.1, 8, 7, XP, vista, 2003 and other below editions.

The tool is capable to recover data from external as well as inrenal hard drive

No size limitations, you can recover Hard Drive of any size.

The tool Requires 512 MB Ram (Recommended 1 GB) & minimum 20 MB of free disk space

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Testimonials of the Windows Data Recovery Tool

I couldn't start my Vista system and so I formatted the partitions. Although it worked but I lost all my data in the process. Thanks to this professional HDD recovery tool that helped me to restore formatted data on disk.

- Makayla, South Africa

Mistakenly, I deleted a folder with crucial PPT files in it and it was too late to restore them as I have habit of daily cleaning up the recycle bin folder. This Windows recovery tool does its job perfectly and the result is, I have all my data back.

- Braxton, United States