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VMware Data Recovery Software

Efficient Tool for Retrieving Virtual Machine Data

  • Recover Virtual System Files Data from Corrupted VMDK Files
  • Scanning Option Available for Severely Corrupted VMware Files
  • Application Supports various Languages from Setup and Application
  • Tool supports to RAW Reader for any vmdk file type having header corruption
  • This is capable to excute VMDK RAW data Recovery from FAT and NTFS Partition
  • Tool allows VMDK Recovery from FAT and NTFS file formats
  • Software offers to detect Partition if OS Boot Sector gets Corrupted for monolithic-flat
  • This application supports to recover GPT and MBR partition type
  • No Limitation on Size or Number of VMware VMDK Virtual Files
  • Both FAT and NTFS Formats of VMDK Files Supported By Tool
  • Recover VMDK Data and Restore it to Desired System Location
  • Advance Filters & Search Options for Enhanced Recovery Process

Need for VMware Data Recovery & Technique to Achieve It!

VMware application is a virtualization application, which enables users to organize multiple Operating Systems in same platform without modifying the host computer. Many organizations adapt usage of VMware applications and store data to VMDK file which comprises all the data. However, this VMD file is prone corruption and a damaged VMDK file becomes inaccessible thus restricting users from accessing data needing them to recover data of VMDK file.

VMware data recovery software is an advance utility, which allows recovery of complete data from the corrupted VMDK file. Users can add multiple files and recover unlimited data from the VMDK files. Some of the essential features have been elaborated below:

  • Batch Recovery of VMDK Files: This tool facilitates users to extract VMware virtual disk multiple files in one go. Users can perform recovery operation on multiple files at once. It also helps to search for multiple Virtual machines in the system for scanning.
  • Search Facility Available: Tool provides various search functionality to search Virtual machines through all drives or specific drive. Software program also lets users to search for specific files within the VMDK files through their respective extensions.
  • Reliable Software Program: Virtual machine files consist of confidential data. Hence, a trustworthy application is needed to read these files so that the data safety is maintained. This tool is 100% safe and reliable solution and is recommended to retrieve files from damage VMDK.
  • Selective Data Migration: Once the data files from the Virtual machine file are recovered, users can preview the complete data. From the listed data files, users can check the required files and can extract these selective files to desired locations in the system.

Technical Details of VMDK Recovery

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Operating System:

System Requirements:

VMware Recovery


99 US Dollar

English, Danish, Portuguese, France, Italian, and Norwegian

Supports Windows 10 and below versions

Require 1 GHz processor, RAM of 4 GB and hard disk space of 100 MB

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VMWare Data Recovery Tool
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Client Testimonials for VMware Data Recovery Software

After chasing several online programs and manual procedures, one of my office mates suggested me about this VMware data recovery tool. Honestly speaking, I found this tool better than any other tool I have used until date. Thanks for such a conventional utility.

- John Ray, Boston

VMware data recovery software is an exceptional software program offering various features for selective extraction of VMDK file data. I am completely satisfied with the tool's working and found this program immensely helpful for Virtual machine data recovery.

- Derrick Wright, Poland