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VBA Password Remover Software

An Effectual Utility For Removing Passwords From VBA File

  • Bypass VBA file password restrictions swiftly.
  • Supports .doc, .dot, .mdb, .xls, .xla, .mdb file types.
  • Crack Macros formats password also such as; .xltm, .xlam, .xlsb, .docm, .dotm
  • Supports removal of lengthy passwords from VBA.
  • Users can run tool on without admin privilege machine
  • Remove multilingual password from VBA file with ease.
  • Easily remove and reset VBA password in a timely fashion.
  • MS Office 2007 and earlier versions readily supported.

Why & How To Remove VBA Passwords?

VBA (Virtual Basic for Applications) is an implementation of Visual Basic 6 and is mainly associated with integrated development environment. VBA enables the user to perform functions such as building user-defined functions, accessing Windows API, etc. In order to secure the data, password security is imposed on the VBA file by securing them with passwords. However, at times, the users forget or lose their VBA file passwords. At such instances, it becomes necessary to unlock the password secured VBA files in order to access the data stored in them.

For removing the password from VBA file, the users can deploy solution like VBA Password Remover. The utility has been designed to remove all kinds of passwords from VBA files. Some of the highlighting features of VBA Password Remover are:

Valuable Features of VBA Password Remover

  • Remove Lost/Forgotten Passwords: The software facilitates the removal of forgotten or lost passwords from the VBA file very easily. It can remove password irrespective of its length or complexity.
  • Generation Of New Password: The software removes the password from the VBA file and also generates a new password for the file. Therefore, the users get the dual benefit of password removal and generation at the same time.
  • Remove Multilingual Passwords: The software supports the removal of lengthy as well as multilingual passwords from the VBA file. The passwords created with the combination of alphabets and numerals will be easily removed by the software.
  • Complete Details Shown: The software shows all the details of the complete password recovery process. These details include the procedure followed by the software in removing the password.

Specifications of VBA Password Recovery

Program Name:




Operating System:

System Requirements:

VBA Password Remover



Windows 10, 8, 7 (32 bit or 64 bit) & Windows Server 2016, 2012 R2, 2008

100 MB of free hard disk space, Minimum 2 GB RAM is required and Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz 2.39GHz processor is recommended

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Testimonials of VBA Password Cracker

The software proved to be a savior for me. It removed the old password from an important VBA file very easily and I was able to access its data without any issue. I don't think any other tool is as worthy as this tool to unlock VBA password

- Juana Todd, USA

VBA Password Remover enabled me to remove a complex password from my VBA file in a very swift manner. The tool is very user friendly and efficient. It is the best VBA password cracker you can come across.

- Lynne Watson, Seattle