sql Decryptor

SQL Decryptor Software

Tool To Decrypt Encrypted SQL Server Data

  • Renders removal of encryption from SQL database and all its objects
  • Live SQL Server is essential on the machine for decrypting
  • Dual login; Windows and SQL Server Authentication supported
  • Supports the exportation to SQL Server as well as Compatible Scripts
  • Require the username and password of SQL Server while running
  • Executes properly with all the versions of SQL Server

Why and How To Decrypt SQL Data?

SQL Server is a database management system which allows business organization to store and retrieve data. It fulfills the need of multiple clients through the execution of SQL queries. SQL server service is responsible for items such as, replication, security etc. It is a valuable application which allows manipulating, getting and making of database.

SQL Server renders security to the data by encrypting the data. Data are secured with keys or password and unless appropriate keys are not used for decrypting, data remains encrypted. For proper viewing of the data, decryption is must and SQL Decryptor tool will help you to decrypt SQL data. Some of the salient features of SQL Decryptor are listed below.

Helpful Features of SQL Decryptor Application

  • Decrypts SQL Database: With this application, users can remove the encryption made on the SQL Server data within seconds. For those who completely rely of the Server database, this tool will be of great use.
  • Dual Login Facility: SQL Decryptor is facilitated with dual login mode which allows both the Windows as well as SQL Server Authentication. In the former, user will only have to mention the name of the database and in latter the credentials of the server should be provided.
  • Previews the Details: Once when you load the database, tool shows the encrypted objects and correspondingly its decrypted form. All the components such as, views, functions etc. that are encrypted will be decrypted.
  • Exports Decrypted Data: Apart from decrypting SQL database, the tool also supports exporting the decrypted data back to the server. Tool provides two ways of exporting the data i.e. either to SQL Server or to SQL Server compatible SQL Scripts.

Check Technical Details of SQL Decryptor

Program Name:




Operating System:

System Requirements:

SQL Decryptor


69 US Dollar


Supports Windows 11 and below versions

Require at least 2.4 GHz processor, 100 MB of hard disk space and 4 GB of RAM

Check Steps for Decrypting SQL Database

SQL Decrypter Tool
Enter database name in SQL Decrypter
Preview SQL Decrypted Scripts
Export Decrpted Scripts

What Clients Says About SQL Decrypter?

SQL Decryptor is an outstanding tool and trustworthy. It helps in removing the encryption made on the SQL Server database. The feature that I liked is the support for both of the Authentications; Windows as well as SQL Server. Thank you team for such a good design.

- Gerald McDonald, USA

I was doubtful about the working of the tool when my friend recommended this tool for decrypting the database. But, to be honest, the tool really works well. Thank you developers for such a tool.

- Julie Coleman, UK