sql backup recovery

SQL Backup Recovery

Easily Recover & Restore SQL Server Backup Database

  • Recovers complete data from corrupt SQL backup files.
  • Efficient recovery of both MDF and NDF files from SQL BAK file.
  • Dual export options for saving the recovered SQL backup data.
  • No size limitation imposed on data recovery from SQL .bak file.
  • Complete support to both foreign and primary key for recovery.
  • Supports BAK file of SQL Server 2014 and the below versions.

Why & How To Recover Data From Corrupt SQL BAK Files?

SQL Server is a relational database management system designed with the aim to store and retrieve data for other applications. The user can backup the SQL database in a backup file named as BAK file. This file enables the user to recover the entire SQL database in case of any damage to the database.

However, the real problem arises when the BAK file gets corrupted or damaged due to certain issues. Thus, in this case it becomes necessary to recover data from corrupted BAK file.

One way to recover data from a corrupt BAK file is deployment of SQL Backup Recovery software. The tool is embedded with advance features that facilitate the recovery of data from corrupt or inaccessible SQL backup files. The highlighting features of the tool are:

Helpful Features of SQL Backup Recovery Tool

  • Recover SQL Backup File Complete Data: The software enables the user to recover the entire data stored in the backup file like rules, triggers, tables, stored procedures, etc. The users can view the entire data before exporting the data from the file.
  • Export Data With Schema: The software offers two options to save the recovered data from the SQL BAK file. The user can save Only Schema or can save both Schema and Data. Both the options ensure maintaining the original structure intact.
  • Dual Export Options: The users can export the recovered data directly in SQL server database or can save it in SQL server compatible scripts. The SQL script file created can be later on restored in SQL server.
  • Selective Data Export: SQL Backup Recovery allows the users to repair corrupt SQL BAK file and export selective data from SQL BAK file. The user can selectively export only the necessary data items from the SQL backup file.

Check Technical Details of SQL Backup Recovery

Program Name:




Operating System:

System Requirements:

SQL Backup Recovery


149 US Dollar


Windows 8.1 and all previous editions.

512 MB, 1 GB recommended and 2.4 GHz processor is recommended

Easy Guide to Know How to Recover SQL Backup File

SQL Backup Recovery Tool
Scaning of SQL Files
Option to Export files after recovery
SQL Backup Recovery Tool

Client Testimonials of SQL Backup Repair Tool!

SQL Backup Recovery software proved to be a savior for me. Due to some issue, the SQL database backup file of my organization, that was under my supervision got corrupted. But thanks to the tool, I was able to successfully recover the entire SQL database.

- Brad Hunter, USA

Losing data from a backup file is no less than a nightmare. I also experienced the same thing a few days back. On advice of one of my friends, I deployed SQL Backup Recovery and I am really glad I did so. The software recovered the entire backup data in an effectual way.

- Martha Reid, Peru