Split nsf files

Lotus Notes NSF Splitter Software

An effective way to Split large size NSF File

  • Divide all types of NSF includes email, contact, & archive
  • Split NSF File of Lotus Notes as well as Domino Server
  • Provide four options to split NSF: by size, folder, year, & date
  • Require Lotus Notes to be installed on the system
  • Split Password-protected and Encrypted NSF files
  • Compatible with Lotus Notes 9.0 & below version

Know NSF Splitter Inside Out

IBM Lotus Notes store emails, contacts, task, and calendar in a file having .nsf extension. As this email client is used in large organization so it is inevitable that the file it creates is also large in size. Many a time it becomes necessary to reduce the size of NSF File so as to have multiple files according to Year, Size, & Folder. In order to attain this, one can try NSF Splitter tool which divides large Lotus Notes database in an instant.

Remarkable Features of Split NSF File Application

  • Split Lotus Notes NSF File: The tool successfully split single NSF file into multiple files according to size, year, & folder. NSF File Splitter Software requires Lotus Notes to be installed on the computer.
  • Divide NSF File by Year: NSF File Splitter provides an option to split NSF file according to year. The tool asks you to provide years to split database then it creates individual NSF file for each given year.
  • Divide NSF File by Size: The software is the most reliable and effective solution for dividing NSF file according to Size. It can create equal sized multiple NSF files by user-defined file size.
  • Divide NSF File by Folder: The tool allows you to break NSF emails according to folder names such as for inbox messages it creates Inbox.nsf and for outbox messages it creates Outbox.nsf.
  • Divide NSF File by Date: Split NSF File Software has an ability to filter emails of a particular date and then create a new NSF file for a specified date. To deploy this feature, users are required to provide a specific date.
  • Break contacts, emails, archive database: NSF Splitter Software can be used to split all NSF files of Lotus Notes and Domino Server which includes emails, contacts (Names.NSF), and archive files.
  • Split Password protected & Encrypted NSF File: Split NSF file application divides both password protected and encrypted NSF Files. However, you need to provide the password before starting the process for protected files.
  • Domino Server installation is not required: The tool doesn't need Domino Server environment for carrying out the splitting process. You can break NSF file of Lotus Notes as well as Domino server in absence of Domino.
  • Generate Live Split Report: Once the process is completed, you can check the status of newly created multiple NSF files. Besides, you can generate CSV file to compare original with divided files using the log report.

Technical Details of NSF Split Tool

Program Name:




Operating System:

System Requirements:

NSF Splitter


169 US Dollar


Supports Windows 10 and below versions

Require 1 GHz processor, RAM of 512 MB and hard disk space of 80 MB

Check How to Split NSF Files

Split NSF File tool
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Client Testimonials of Lotus Notes NSF Splitter

My NSF file was way too large to find a particular email but with your excellent application I divided my NSF database and now I have multiple small size files. Thanks team!

- Saul Mills, New Zealand

I'm glad that I used your Split NSF tool to break my Names.nsf file without losing any contact. The software provides easy interface, I split the file within few clicks.

- Howard Ortiz, Berlin