Open Windows XP Backup in Windows 8 Without NTBackup Facility!

Open Windows XP Backup in Windows 8

Want to discover how to open windows XP Backup in Windows 8 when NTBackup fail in restoring BKF files which are created with Windows XP Operating System. Before moving ahead there is brief introduction about the basics why users become inaccessible to store backup file?

  • NTBackup UTILITY for Windows XP: It is a free utility which is designed with the Windows operating system since 1997 as to help users in taking backup of the data. And there are chances when these files got corrupt and there is no other way to detect whether these files are corrupted or not. Thus with the utility we can take backup but can't check its data whether it is damaged or not. NTBackup take back-up of files in .bkf file format. With the NTBackup users can take back-up of particular file and folder instead of whole drive.
  • Backup & Restore Utility For Windows 8: For the users of Windows 8, Microsoft had developed backup and restore utility to create backup of data. With the utility users can take backup of whole drive instead of single file and folder. Named free backup utility will create backup in image which is stored in VHD file.

How to Open Windows XP Backup in Windows 8

NTBackup utility for Windows 8

It won't be possible for the users to directly open the BKF file which are created with the NTBackup utility in Windows 8. Thus Microsoft had developed a solution through which users can open backup file which are created with Windows XP in Windows 8.

NTBackup Restore utility help in restoring files when users download two DLL file manually from '' cabinet file i.e. C:Users\admin\Downloads\NT Backup\ntmsapi.dll and C:Users\admin\Downloads\NT Backup\vssapi.dll from '' which is a cabinet file. Downloaded files must be stored at the 'C:Users\admin\Downloads\NT Backup\ntbackup.exe' location. But it was seen that downloading these files manually will take time thus we suggest you to download BKF recovery application for simplified restoration of files.

How to Open Windows XP Backup in Windows 8 from Corrupt State

open corrupt bkf file in windows 8

With the named application users can open Windows XP backup in Windows 8 immediately without serving machine with any other file. Users can rely upon the application as because it will help you to restore those Windows Backup (BKF) files which are inaccessible to use also.