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Effectually Repair And Recover Damaged NTFS Drive Data

  • Recovers deleted files and folders from hard drive.
  • Recover images, videos and other multimedia files.
  • Restores data from formatted partitions of hard drive.
  • Offers unlimited NTFS data recovery from hard drive.
  • Recovers normal, deleted and formatted data from HDD.

Get Detailed Information about NTFS Data Recovery Utility

Hard Drive data disaster is one of the most prominent dangers that is encountered by n number of users. No matter how many precautions are taken, data disasters tend to occur and lead to huge data loss. Hard Drive data can become inaccessible in one of the three conditions- Deletion of hard drive data, formatting of hard drive or corruption of hard drive data. Such situations call for a recovery tool that can ensure outright recovery of data made inaccessible due to the above method reasons. Hard Drive Recovery Software is an efficient NTFS recovery software which ensures to recover deleted files from NTFS drives. The tool enables the user to recover data deleted due to either NTFS partitioning or FAT partitioning.

Know More About Partitions (FAT & NTFS) Supported By The Tool

  • FAT File System: File Allocation Table or FAT is a file system deployed in hard drives in DOS and Windows 9x operating systems. It can be implied as a heritage file system that has been offering good performance from the last two decades. Owing to its compatibility, it is widely deployed in personal computers, mobile devices and also in embedded devices. With the evolution of hard drives, the capabilities of FAT file system have been improved up to a great extent resulting in the introduction of three file types- FAT 12, FAT 16 and FAT 32. For cluster addresses, FAT 12 file system used 12 bit-entries allowing a maximum limit of 4084 clusters in a volume. In FAT-16, these cluster addresses changed to 16 bit-entries so as to allow 65,524 clusters in a single volume. In FAT-32 file system the bits changed to 32 bit-entries from which cluster number holds 28 bits. The FAT standard has also been changed whilst maintaining backward compatibility with the present software. In FAT file system, the file allocation table is generally situated at the beginning of the logical volume. In a hard disk volume, two copies of file allocation tables are used.
  • NTFS File Systems: New Technology File System or NTFS is the proprietary format of file system deployed by the Windows NT operating system for the purpose for recovering and storing files on a hard disk. In terms of technical performance it is far more advanced than the file systems that it has superseded i.e. FAT (File Allocation Table) and HPFS (High Power File System). Since its release in 1993 as v.1 version, Microsoft has introduced four more versions. Some of the notable features which are accompanied with NTFS file system are:

When a hard disk is partitioned, the total space of the hard disk gets divided into partitions. All the files are stored on a particular section of the drive or in clusters. When an NTFS is used the cluster size ranges between 512 bytes to 64 kilobytes. Whenever a file is created with NTFS, the details of the file get stored in another file named as the Master File Table.

Utilize the Best NTFS Recovery Solution

The NTFS Recovery Software assists to repair corrupted NTFS disk files. It is a proficient tool that recovers even permanently deleted data from the hard drive. If you are also looking forward to repair damaged NTFS file system or FAT file system, then you can surely deploy the tool.

Find Technical Details Of Hard Disk Recovery Software

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System Requirements

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Hard Drive Data Recovery


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Windows 8.1,8, 7, XP and all below editions

The tool requires 512 MB RAM (Recommended 1GB) with a minimum of 20 MB free space on hard disk

Using Windows Vista/7/8/8.1, launch the tool as "Run as Administrator."

Check How to Recover Damaged NTFS Drive Data

Scan NTFS to Recover
Recover hard drive partition
recover options
extract or preview selected files

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Testimonials of the NTFS Disk Recovery Tool

I accidentally formatted my hard drive disk. Due to this all the data residing on my drive got deleted. But with your Hard drive recovery software, the impossible task of hard drive data recovery got finished in an appreciable amount of time and without any extra efforts.

- Caleb Sullivan, Florida

Few days back a friend of mine borrowed my hard drive and accidentally formatted it. We were very worried I had ample amount of important data stored in it. Then we came across your Hard Drive Recovery tool. It not only assisted us in recovering the entire data but also ensured no data loss.

- Lindsay Smith, Denmark