Gmail to Hard Drive

Gmail Backup to Hard Drive

Know How To Backup Gmail Account To Hard Drive?

  • The tool downloads all the data to your local disk.
  • Free demo version of Gmail Backup Tool is available for trial purpose.
  • Backup Gmail emails & attachments as Adobe PDF for Offline reading
  • Export Gmail data in four most important file formats.
  • Keeps attachments, HTML and RTF formatting while backing up data.
  • Maintain Email folder hierarchy throughout during the backup process
  • Gmail Backup tool has been developed to cover almost all varieties of users.

Highlighting Features of Gmail Backup Tool

  • Save Data In Multiple File Formats:

    Our Gmail Backup tool has been developed to cover almost all variety of users and hence adapt exporting Gmail data in four most important file formats:

    »PST: Supports Outlook and covers most users as MS Outlook is used by most of the users.

    »MBOX: Supports Thunderbird, Eudora, Entourage, Apple Mail, Spicebird, Mulberry, Pocomail, Cone, SeaMonkey, Mutt, Netscape, Mozillamail, Evolution, Sylpheed, Gnu Mail, Claws Mail, Opera Mail, etc.

    »EML: Supports Thunderbird, Entourage, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Eudora, etc.

    »MSG: Supports Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, etc.

    »PDF: Supports all versions of Adobe PDF

  • Other Gmail Element Will Be Left:

    Our tool provides backup of all the elements of Gmail account. Calendar are saved in .ics file;

    Emails can be saved in multiple file formats: .pst, .mbox, .eml, .msg; Contacts in vCard (.vcf) file format;

    Documents in its respective and latest file format.

    In case user wants to skip any category then he can skip that category by simply un-checking that category.

  • Addition of Advance Attributes:

    »Hold Back Downloading: Gmail Backup tool allows you to “Pause” the software in case of interrupting internet connections. You can resume it later and the process will continue in flow. No loss of data or repetition of downloading data will occur.

    »Incremental Backup Option: Our Gmail backup Software has advanced features to skip the downloaded items from the upcoming download sessions. You can opt for incremental backup from the second time on downloading data from Gmail account.

    »Archive Gmail Data Locally: With added fuctionality and features, the application is capable of downloading data from the account and correspondingly remove the items downloaded from the account. A step towards freeing the Gmail storage space without any data loss.

How Is Saving Gmail Data On Server Hazardous?

Cloud storage is no more counted as safe place to keep your data. Then, how can you take chance with your so important Gmail emails and other data? Google has undergone recurrent events of system downtime which has been acclaimed as “Google Outage”.

This downtime ceases access to your Gmail account temporarily. In fact, many users lost their important emails and some also ended up with deletion of their Gmail accounts. However this loss was retrieved and repented by Google, but you cannot take chance with crucial data always.

Our tool can save you from all these mishaps because no matter what happens you will have a safe copy of Gmail data saved in your hard disk and this ultimately solves your query of how to backup Gmail account to hard drive.

  • What Are Probable Causes of Google Outage?

    »Bug In System: Bug in system causes many internal errors which disturbs configuration of system. Recently an Outage occurred due to same reason; a software bug affected an internal system and prompted incorrect configuration.

    »Infrastructure Fatigue: It was reported once that network infrastructure of Google became overloaded, which ended up in Google Outage. It kept on generating concurrent chain of Outages, during which users were unable to access Gmail.

    »Key Routers Blocked: When key routers are overloaded due to heavy transmission of data, it becomes blocked and hence network becomes completely clogged thus causing system downtime.

  • What Are Other Reasons of Gmail Data Loss?

    »Accidental Deletion: Sometimes users themselves delete emails or other details accidentally. This can cost a lot when those emails were extremely crucial.

    »Hacking of Credentials: Nowadays, passwords and usernames of Gmail accounts are unethically hacked and are misused by hackers. This ultimately ceases all your control over your own account and cause a lot of trouble.

    »Virus/Trojan Attack: Virus infections in Google system can also cause severe corruption and thus makes many users' account inaccessible. You can save yourself in that situation of you have a secure backup.

    »Other Reasons: In case you have all credential fed in your smart phone, and it gets stolen and reaches “Wrong People”, then those can purposefully delete your account necessary data before you are aware about this loss.

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Testimonials of the Gmail Backup Software

Gmail does not provide any local backup Gmail of Google users' account email data. And hence, we come up with a solution for how to backup Gmail account to hard drive. I used Gmail Backup software program which can easily create backup Gmail account data including; emails, calendar and its entries, contacts list, documents, etc in their respective compatible file formats.

- Simon Butler, Austria

Our Gmail account data saved on a cloud, is no more safe option since instances of Google downtime, accidental deletion, password hacking grow day by day. That is why I used this tool to backup Gmail data to hard drive and found it very helpful. The tool has been built to serve you with purpose of creating safe backup of Gmail account data with complete accuracy.

- Aleksandrina, Russia