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View your Offline ost file without Exchange Server connectivity or Outlook Installation

  • View your Offline ost file without Exchange Server connectivity or Outlook Installation
  • The ost file viewer enables you to view emails stored within the ost file.
  • The software enables you to View Deleted emails from Outlook OST files.
  • Users do not need Connectivity with MS Exchange Server or Outlook Application

What Makes It So Different

Key Features of OST File Viewer Tool

One of the major benefits of the tool is that it is fully independent and standalone. So if you unable to connect with the exchange server or facing difficulty with the Outlook application this tool will be the best alternative. The software design, look, feel and working are almost similar to the Outlook Application plus is much more simple to use and work with.

View all OST Attachments

View OST Attachments

The application has a separate tab where you can view any attachment that is part of the email. All attachment type such as pst, word or excel sheet can be opened.

Multiple styles OST File

Open Multiple OST

If you have multiple ost files and you want all to be view simultaneously then you can do that with OST File Viewer tool and view different record in single panel.

Meta Data OST Files

View Meta Information

If you wish to know further information of any email such as email internet header details, date when the email was sent to you among other information.

Outlook Style Interface OST Files

Simple GUI

The OST Viewer application is designed for simplicity and ease of use. Outlook like design ensures that you feel like home the very first moment you open the app.



One of the best features of the tool is that if you have deleted the emails accidently and now wants to view then you can easily do that with the OST File Viewer. Plus you can also view OST Contacts and calendar information and for those who are in hurry there is a search feature for locating the email that you are interested in and discard the rest.


Open OST File

Open OST Viewer

Open the application and this is the first view of the application user going to see.


Add OST File in Viewer

Add OST File

Provide the Location of the ost file to the application for scannings


View OST File

View OST Emails

Click on any emails of the ost file and view the content with attachment.


Dual Mode OST File

Dual View Mode

You can easily set your Viewing preference in the application.

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View Corrupt OST File  
Supports Exchange Server 2013/2010/2007/2003 OST Files  
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OST Viewer is the perfect tool that fits my need, My Outlook was not able to connect with Exchange Server and I have to view my important emails, after doing some Google I finally found the software I was looking for. So easy to use and does not take much time to master.


I liked the GUI which I believe is quite similar to Outlook. Didn't face much problem and was able to perform the OST Analysis quite easily with the tool. The search feature helped me a lot as there where tons of emails in it and searching and filtering was inevitable.

BRYANSan Marino

As an IT administrator I have to manage emails all the time, since my company use Exchange Server for email management I have to take care of .ost file all the time. Your free ost viewer tool has simplified my work and managing emails is now much easier because of your guys.


Just want to say because of your search features my hours of works reduced to minutes. One smart search and everything that you wanted will be in front of you. The software is smartly build and does everything on its own.