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A Tool to Open and Read DMG Files on Windows OS

  • Capable to view DMG files of Mac OS on Windows machine
  • Supports 2 types of DMG files view: Compressed and Read-Only
  • Permit users to read and preview multiple files inside the DMG file
  • Open multiple DMG files by browsing single DMG files at a time
  • Apply filters and search for a specific file in the large-sized .dmg file
  • The tool is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows OS

Read Mac OS DMG Files in Windows

Open Access Database MDB/ACCDB Files

DMG Viewer allows users of Windows machine to open, preview and read DMG files of Mac machine without any issue. However, the DMG file type generally saves the data of Mac OS, which cannot normally read or open by the Windows machine. To overcome this situation, a user can simply take help of DMG Viewer tool.

DMG Viewer application can read both the Read-Only data and the Compressed data. In addition, one can add and open any number of files to this tool, but only one at a time. However, it also permits users to search for a specific type of files within the DMG file.

Open and View DMG Files

Open and View DMG Files in Windows

DMG Viewer can read and open Mac OS DMG files in all the versions of Microsoft Windows operating system. In addition, a user can view both the compressed and read-only file DMG file also using this tool.

Load Multiple DMG Files in one Go

Load Multiple DMG Files of Mac OS

A user can add more than one DMG file to the DMG Opener tool, but browsing one file at a time from the database. A user just needs to click on the Open option and to add DMG file every time from the software panel.

Apply Filters to Search DMG

Apply Filters for Search Results

DMG Viewer allows users to filter the files while using search options. A user can simply filter the search by Creation Date, Modification Date, and Last Accessed Date. It can also let users search according to Text and Date Range.

Preview all DMG Emails

Preview Email Files in DMG Viewer

By using the DMG Viewer, users can see the preview of email files saved in the DMG file. It provides a preview of all emails with details like name, size, modified date, creation date, and last access date.

Steps to Open and Read DMG File in Windows OS



DMG Viewer Tool

Firstly, start DMG Viewer in the system


Browse and Open DMG

After that, browse and open the DMG file


Preview DMG in Read-Only and Compressed

Preview the compressed and read-only DMG files


Use Filters to Search Within DMG Files

Then, use filters to search within the .dmg files

Compare Editions

DMG Viewer Free and Pro Version

  DMG Viewer   DMG Viewer PRO
Open and Add DMG Files  
Preview all DMG File Details  
Search and filter DMG Files  
Support all Windows Platform  
Save and Export DMG Files into Different Formats  

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I wanted to read some DMG files on my Windows system, but I could not open the files as they are not supported by Windows OS. After trying for sometimes, I got disappointed and did not get satisfactory results. But after some months, I came to know about DMG Viewer. With the help of this application, I was finally able to open and read Mac OS DMG files on Windows.

Alfred Wilkinson, Washington

Since I have switched to Windows OS from Mac machine. Therefore, I was looking for a tool that can read the DMG files on Windows computer. Many tools available online but failed to do the same in a perfect way. Finally, I come across DMG Reader. It solved my problem within few minutes. Now, I depend solely on DMG Viewer to open and read DMG file.

Annalise Harper, UK

It is so annoying that someone sent you some DMG files for urgent reviewing but your system runs on Windows OS. DMG Viewer work as a great help in this situation. I was really happy with the service given by this tool and will certainly recommend this to everyone else who is facing such problem.

Anita Spenser, New York

When I was really disturbed by the problem of reading DMG files in Windows, DMG Viewer came as a rescuer. It solved all my problems in just few simple clicks. It also allowed me to filter the search, which is surely a great help. Highly recommended and thanks to the developers for this application.

Nathan Taylor, Las Vegas



Yes, the DMG File Reader tool permits users to search for any file within the DMG file without any hassle. Moreover, they can filter out the search also by date, by text, and by file type.