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MS Access Database MDB Viewer

Analyze and Open all ACCDB or MDB files

  • Preview of all ACCDB/MDB Data Files
  • Complete database preview with all table contents
  • All Windows 10 and below version supported
  • Software Supported by all MS Access Versions
  • Quick scan feature and load all data files easily
  • Preview of corrupt database files

How Access Database Viewer Works

Open Access Database MDB/ACCDB Files

Manually MS Access database can be opened using MS Access application. It provides users with options like read-only, exclusive and exclusive read-only. There are various scenarios where MDB file is corrupt. Hence, MS Access doesn't detect or open these files. To open and extract all details from these files MS Access database viewer is developed.

To use Access Database Viewer there are various ways. Either user can open individual MDB or ACCDB files or they can also open corrupt or damaged MDB data. This Tool also helps in the auto scan of MDB files. The Preview of All MDB and Accdb files can be analyzed using this tool.

Open Corrupt Access Database Files

Open Corrupt Access Database MDB Files

The Access Database Viewer Provides option to view corrupt MDB file details and saving them after upgrading to pro version. This helps in view and analysis of all Access details

View MDB File in Two Panels

View MDB Files in Two Views

Options to view MDB files in two views. The software provides option to view all MDB tables and its internal details at the same time. This feature helps in viewing all details in easy manner

User Friendly User Interface

User-Friendly User Interface

With best user interface the software allow users to easily open, save and retrieve all information in MDB Files with a full version. This helps in accessing all Access details easily.

Preview All Access Data

Preview All Access Details Before Saving

Unlimited no of MDB files can be uploaded and view in Access Database Viewer. This helps in opening and viewing all Access information in one place.

Easy Steps to Open and View BKF File Data!


This BKF viewer software is available absolutely free for viewing data stored in Windows backup file with .bkf extension. The tool is very simple to use and does not require any additional skills to open a BKF file. You are just two click away to view BKF file content with the help of tool. So first download free BKF file viewer and run the tool. You can also follow steps shown below:


Access Database Viewer Tool

Install Access Database Viewer Tool


Process of Loading MDB Files

Access Database Viewer MDB Upload


Preview MS Access Database

Preview ACCDB/MDB Files


Open and Read MS Access Data

Open and Read MS Access Data

Compare Editions

Access Database Viewer — Free & Pro Version

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When I tried to open my Access database files in MS Access they were unable to open and show corruption errors. I tried every possible way to open them but they didn't. At the end, i used Access Database Viewer and it works really well. Thanks to them for solving all my queries.

Jay Cutler Austria

When we used this tool to open our corrupt MDB files, it works in a great way. It also shows details of MDB that were corrupted due to some reason and on top of it thanks for such a great help in using this software.

Addie Joss Vatican City



Yes, The Access Database Viewer can easily installed and Work on all Windows Platforms