Outlook Express DBX Locator

Locate Outlook Express DBX Files and Save it on PC

  • Locate configured Outlook express DBX Files on your PC
  • Automatically finds and loads DBX files with their attributes
  • Option to save the extracted DBX files on the local machine
  • Outlook Express installation and configuration is mandatory
  • Compatible with MS Outlook Express 6.0 and all prior version

How to Locate DBX Files on PC?

Many times, it happens that the Outlook Express program crashes and it stops working. This causes inaccessibility in working with .dbx file on machine. At this time, DBX locator comes into the frame. One will get back their DBX files along with their attributes and then, use the same tool to makes files accessible again.

Benefits of Working With DBX locator

  • Software Tracks Several DBX files: DBX Locator is capable of extracting all files from the machine without losing the actual configuration behind them. No matter how many files are there in the system, tool will track all of them in no time.
  • Load DBX Files with its Attributes: Once all DBX Files are located, this tool will list them with their properties. It will show details like : name of the file, identity name, size of the file in MB, date of creation and last access.
  • Option to Save Located DBX files on PC: Once the tool is done with locating of DBX file, users can now save them at any desired location. They can save all of them or some selected ones. This will help in taking backup of Outlook Express file when it is inaccessible in its respective program.
  • User Friendly and Easy-to-use Interface: DBX Locator has a very simple user interface. Users can easily navigate from one screen to another. Although it is a technical application but, even a non technical user can easily understand it. There are no complicated steps needed to use DBX locator.
  • Locates DBX files from all Windows Versions:This tool is compatible with all the available version of the Windows: Win 10, 8.1, 8, and all below. Algorithms written in the software enables users to locate DBX file on any version of Windows. Also, DBX file created using any Outlook Express version can be searched.

Details of DBX File Locator

Program Name:




Operating System:

System Requirements:

DBX Locator Software


29 US Dollar


Supports Windows 10 and below versions

Require 1 GHz processor, RAM of 512 MB and hard disk space of 918 KB

Steps To Locate DBX Folders

DBX Locator Tool
Enter Saving Location For DBX Files
Save DBX at Required Location
Close DBX Locator Setup

Client Testimonials of DBX File Locator

Few weeks ago, my Outlook Express stopped working and I was unable to access my DBX file. I was unable to find any solution. Then, I came to know about this DBX locator. The tool located DBX files from my system without any loss and then, happily I was able to attempt my work. Thanks to your team for making such a wonderful utility!

Jake Bowers, Las Vegas

Great tool!! I was searching for some methods to view and locate DBX files on my system and then came across this utility. Actually, I was knowing that I have .dbx files on PC but, was unaware from their actual location. Therefore, I utilized this software and believe me it is the perfect tool for tracking Outlook Express files.

Darrell Luna, New York