Find DBX Files using DBX Finder

DBX Finder

Find, Locate, Copy, and Export Outlook Express DBX Files Under Same Network

  • Find and locate DBX files of a network domain’s machines
  • Preview all details of machines with their respective attributes
  • Copy extracted DBX file from the network to the local machine
  • No need of Outlook Express installation for finding DBX files
  • Only credentials details of source network domain are required

How To Operate DBX Finder Software?

The DBX is a folder, which is created by Outlook Express email client. It has names, which correspond to its email mailbox. Some common names are Inbox.dbx, Sent Items.dbx, Drafts.dbx, and Deleted Items.dbx. Folders.dbx etc., where Folders.dbx contains the master index of all the mailboxes. If it is formatted then, Outlook Express will recreate it and then re-index the mailboxes.

Sometimes users wish for a solution to search for DBX files from a network, which is connected with several machines. For this scenario, we are providing a software named as DBX finder that not only searches .dbx from network but, also renders option to save them on machine.

Benefits of Using DBX Finder Tool

  • Search DBX within a network: When a user requires solution to search DBX files within a network domain then, this tool makes it an easy task. He / she just needs to enter the credentials of network and then, software will automatically show the list of connected machines.
  • Copy and Save DBX Files: When all DBX files of various machines are located, then users can copy those files. With this copying feature, they can save them at any desired location. If users want to copy selective files then, they just need to check their checkboxes and then, copy.
  • List DBX Files with Specifications: When searching and loading DBX files is done by software, all the characteristics details about file will also be shown in the preview pane. Users select a particular file to view its details like name, size, and location.
  • Exported List as CSV: The total list of extracted files can be saved in CSV file format. In future, users can use this CSV file for reference purpose. The file list will contain the complete location and other associated file properties. This will help users in maintaining records of DBX file over the network.

Details of DBX Finder Tool

Program Name:




Operating System:

System Requirements:

DBX Finder


29 US Dollar


Supports Windows 10 and below versions

1 GHz processor, RAM of 512 MB and hard disk space of 5 MB

Working Steps of DBX Finder Tool

DBX Finder Tool
Search Machine to Find DBX Folder
Enter Domain Credentials and Search Options
Open and Observe all Information

Client Reviews on DBX Finder Tool

DBX Finder is really superb and mind-blowing software. I am so happy that an application like this has been created with such a simple and understandable interface. Now, finding and copying DBX files will not be the challenge for anybody, who has shortage of time like me. Cheers to its development team for making a very useful and advanced program.

Joey Harvey, Santiago

After using DBX Finder, I can say that this is one of the best software I have ever used. When I saw the specifications of this tool, I have installed it instantly on my computer and start searching for DBX files on my networks. I was really amazed by seeing that the entire procedure got completed within no time. I must say that developers deserves all the acclaim for such a helpful formation.

Diana Gutierrez, Mexico City