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How to Compress MBOX File? Complete Guide

Siddharth ~ Published: May 9th, 2023 ~ Compress ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Throughout this technical write-up, we are going to discuss how to compress MBOX file. To accomplish the task, we will explain both manual as well as the automated method. Along with that, we will also take a look at the benefits of compressing MBOX files. Thus, read this blog until the end to find out which of the explained methods suits your requirements the most.

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MBOX (short for MailBox) is a file format known to numerous users. This file format is used and supported by numerous email clients and services including Thunderbird, Google Takeout, Apple Mail, etc. As the name suggests MBOX aka Mailbox files contains several emails and other mailbox items in them. Due to this, the files turn out to be large in size and that causes several instances like prone to corruption, slow transfer speed, decreased computing efficiency, etc. Therefore, users look for solutions to compress MBOX files in order to achieve increased efficiency and other benefits.

Why Should Users Compress Their MBOX Files?

There are several benefits of compressing MBOX files; we have mentioned a few of the most common ones here.

  • Saves Storage Space as compression significantly reduces the size of the files.
  • Increases Computing Efficiency: compressed files are easier to back up and restore.
  • Improves Transfer Speed which enables files to move efficiently and enables sending large files faster over the internet.
  • Improves File Integrity; makes sure your data remains uncorrupted.
  • Webpage/Email Accessibility; compressed files are easier to upload on a webpage or send over an email. Since most web pages have a size restriction, compressing a file becomes necessary.

So this is how compressing MBOX files benefits users. Now let us move on to the methods and techniques to adapt in order to accomplish the task.

Manual Approach to Compress MBOX File

Here is the step-by-step procedure to compress MBOX files manually:

  • Head to the location where you have stored your mbox file.
  • Right-click on the file and click on “Show More Options”.
  • Next, click on “Add to Archive” to proceed.
  • Select “ZIP” as the output format and click on the OK button.
  • Now, your MBOX file is compressed and stored in ZIP format.

So this is the manual method for accomplishing this task, however, it comes with certain hindrances. It provides you with the resultant compressed files in ZIP format which is not appreciated by many users. Moreover, this process is lengthy and complicated to understand for users. So what alternative is there? Check out the following segment for a reliable solution recommended by numerous technical experts.

Compress MBOX FIles Using the Expert Solution

If the manual method seems unsuitable and non-reliable to you, then we have brought you the perfect solution. The TaskManagerFix MBOX Compress Tool is undoubtedly the best solution to compress large-sized MBOX files efficiently. Not only is this tool specially designed to handle this task skillfully but is 100% secure as well. It preserves and maintains the data integrity of MBOX files throughout the compression process. Moreover, it is supported by all versions of Windows Operating System so you can use it on your device regardless of which version you use.

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Stepwise Procedure to Use the Utility

  • Install and run the above-recommended utility on your device.
    install the MBOX Compress tool on your device
  • Load your MBOX files by clicking on Add File/Add Folder.
    click Add File/Add Folder to load MBOX files
  • Select the MBOX files you want to compress from the list of loaded MBOX files.
    select MBOX files you want to compress
  • Make use of the provided advanced filters according to your preference.
    use the advanced filters according to preference
  • Click “Next” to start the MBOX Compression process.
    click next to start the compressing process

And that is all for the steps for compressing MBOX files in a quick and efficient way using the professional solution. Along with being a hassle-free and secure process, this utility provides users with various benefits and features that make it a preferred option among any other.

Benefits of Using the Expert Software

  • Compresses MBOX, MBS, MBX, and MBOX (without extension) files proficiently.
  • Capable of compacting large-sized MBOX files without any issues.
  • Provides two modes to upload files: Add File and Add Folder.
  • Gives the option to remove attachments to reduce the size of MBOX files.
  • Facilitates saving removed attachments in a separate folder.
  • The Date Range filter helps to compress MBOX files within a specific time period.
  • Compatible with Windows OS 11, 10, and all lower versions as well.

Wrapping Up

In this technical guide, we explained two solutions you can opt for to compress MBOX file. We discussed a manual method as well as one recommended by technical experts. Unfortunately, the manual method turns out to be non-reliable. Hence, technical professionals suggest users go for the above-mentioned utility for a secure and hassle-free MBOX compression experience.