access recovery

MS Access Recovery Tool

Proficient Utility to Recover Corrupt MDB File Data

  • Recovers data from corrupt MDB and ACCDB files.
  • Repair damaged MDB file and restore its attributes.
  • Provision to recover permanently deleted data of MDB file.
  • Option to export data with schema and schema only.
  • Dual option to export the recovered Access data.
  • Export selective tables from recovered MDB database.

How To Perform MS Access Recovery?

MS Access is a relational database management system, introduced by Microsoft. It is used by software developers and data architects for developing application software. The Access database is stored in ACCDB and MDB files. However, similar to other database applications, Access database is also prone to corruption and may end up in being corrupted due to a number of issues.

In order to recover the data from corrupted MDB or ACCDB files, a utility named Access Recovery can be deployed by the user. The software has been designed for recovery of data from corrupt Access database. Some of the crucial features of the tool are:

Benefits of Using Access Recovery Tool

  • Selective Data Export: The software enables perfect Recover Corrupt MDB Files and gives the provision to perform selective export of recovered Access data. The entire attributes like tables, queries, etc. can be recovered.
  • Dual Export Options: The software provides two options to export the recovered Access database. The user can either save the database in MS Access database or in a CSV format file that can be accessed in MS Excel.
  • Dual Option to Save Data: Once the database is recovered, the software offers two options to save the data. The user either can save only the Schema of each table or can save both data and schema of the table.
  • Free Demo Version: The users can get an idea of the working of the software with its demo version. The demo version is available for free and can be downloaded easily.

Check Details of Recover Corrupt MDB Files

Program Name:




Operating System:

System Requirements:

Access Recovery


69 US Dollar


Supports Windows 8.1 and below versions

Require 1 GHz processor, RAM of 512 MB and hard disk space of 5 MB

Simple Steps to Recover Corrupt MDB Files

Access Recovery Tool
Access Recovery Process
Export Recovered Data
Exporting Schema and Data

Client Testimonials of Access Recovery Tool

The Access Recovery tool enables me to recover the entire corrupted Access database in a very effective manner and with no data loss. The severely corrupted Access database was effectually repaired with the tool.

Kerry Hayes, Australia

I am very glad that our organization opted for Access Recovery in order to recover the database from corrupt MDB file. We were really lucky to come across such an effective tool.

Stacey Rhodes, Portland